A Content Management System gives you control of your website. When building your website we install server side software on our  Server. We have used CMS Made Simple, Joomla and Word Press as our CMS platforms. We do favour CMS Made Simple because it is easy to use and we can add plugins for additional functionality as required. It is also very stable and the Developer Community is actively improving and upgrading the package. Word Press and Joomla are also good choices.

Once the database and software install is done we can use and edit a Default Template, or we can purchase an Advanced Template to govern the look of your website. Advanced Templates usually provide additional features such as Social Media integration, plus offering more complex layout and design options.

Plugins are added for functionality and then we create the menu structure, custom graphics and add your content.

CMS Packages allow you to have back end access to your website to facilitate online changes quickly and easily. Additional software and training is not needed - you simply use your favourite Web Browser. It is the perfect option for computer savvy people who need to update their website frequently.  With the CMS website we can teach you to update text on pages, post on a blog( News Column ), add links, update photos, add a Special Offer, Promote a Sales Event, post contest information, add to a photo gallery, upload PDF’s, embed video, add pages…etc.   If you can use a word processor you should be successful using the CMS website.

Don’t  let it get stale. Using a a CMS system makes it easier than ever to be in control and empowered to have current up to date website content.

Examples of customized CMS Sites:

aandmtruckparts.com  marqueemanufacturing.com 
briwoodfarmmarket.com mchughsawnings.ca 
foregolfersonly.on.ca  praillsgreenhouse.com 
northendappliance.ca  pinwood.com